Friday, June 22, 2012

Reading Rainbow App for iPad

(Used With Permission)
I came to the iPad party rather late but have done my best to catch up on all of the marvelous apps that can be downloaded and used; many that can be used (and are even designed specifically) for education.  Today while on twitter, a tweet caught my eye that LaVar Burton had recently come out with an iPad app that mimics his once enormously popular (but sadly now canceled) children's television show, "Reading Rainbow".  I have not yet been able to download the app for iPad, but I am very eager to check it out.  Here is a video of LaVar Burton talking with Forbes magazine's Jeff Bercovici about the new app for iPad!  You can find the description of the app and can purchase the app from the Apple App Store.

The app itself looks very colorful and allows students to interact with the book itself by reading on their own and also through guided readings, much like the guided narrations from the television show.  It combines the best in functionality of the iPad with the magic of reading.  As electronic book sales have now surpassed print books, its only logical for children's books to also follow that trend and advance with the times.  I am very excited to look more at this app!

*All images used with permission: "Butterfly" - Public Domain -

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