Monday, June 25, 2012

Quietube - Classroom Friendly Youtube

The prevalence of videos in our classrooms has undoubtably increased in recent years with video sites such as Youtube expanding at such a rapid rate.  On the education front, Youtube can offer anything from short digital stories that introduce a content unit, or entire online courses taught by professors from some of our most prestigious colleges and universities.  With the ability to subscribe to certain channels and communicate with the authors of videos through the various networking features, Youtube and other video sites like it have revolutionized classroom media.  And with the changing setup of our classrooms (out with the TV cart, in with the Promethium Boards), we have pretty much instant access to millions of educational videos all day everyday.

However, as with many of the resources we find on the internet, user beware.  Along with the very informational video on climate change, you may find videos that are not so great, such as "kittens are fuzzy", "world's biggest back zit", or "baby dances to Beyonce".  And while these videos may be fairly G rated, sometimes when we search for educational videos, the "suggested videos" on the sidebar may not be so educational or appropriate.  Also, since most of these videos can be commented on, we have to be careful that none of the comments might be offensive for our student viewers.  We do not have the ability to control what videos other users may post, or what comments they make, but we do have the ability to control what our students do and do not view on these sites.

Quietube is an add-on for web browsers that removes all of the suggested videos on the Youtube sidebar.  It also removes the comments from beneath the video.  To use Quietube, simple go to and follow the on screen directions.  Simply drag the button up to your add-on toolbar in your browser (you may need to adjust your browser settings to view your add-on toolbar).  Then, when you go to Youtube and click on a video to use in your classroom, click on the Quietube button in your toolbar.  It will then open the video you chose in a new browser window without all of the extra garbage surrounding the video.  It works pretty slick and saves you from potential problems in the classroom.  Try it out!

Screenshot without Quietube
(Used with permission (c) 2012)
Screenshot with Quietube
(Used with permission (c) 2012)
Quietube website
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